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Yarnbomb for National Women’s History Month 2017

It’s that time of year again! YARNBOMMMMMB! yarnbomb, women history, national women's history month, lion brand, palisades village greenOne of the craziest things I’ve ever done is also one of the great joys of my life-  creating this yarnbomb for National Women’s History Month in honor of the historic women who have helped shape our great nation. This will be our 3rd year. 

Celebrating the brave rebels, teachers, poets, immigrants, mothers, doctors, astronauts and slaves has been a way to connect with women’s history and create community at the same time. Over the years, the group of volunteers has grown to about 30 women across the country. This year I started a Facebook group so we could have a place to support each other and post photos of our work. Nothing goes to waste- at the end of the installation we’ll take the yarn pieces off the trees and lampposts and create blankets for women transitioning out of homelessness. Read about the origin of the yarnbomb here.

Some of them crocheted, some of them knitted. Some of them helped install, or held the ladder for me so I didn’t fall. Here are the incredible American women from across the country who have contributed to this year’s yarnbomb. Follow them, buy their wares, high-five them when you see them in the street. They are awesomely talented and this could not have happened without them. (I will update accordingly as more will show up Friday to help me install.)

Penchan Villemaire, Luann Abrahams, Marge Gold, Cindy Simon, Mary Pantazopoulos Quill, Kathleen Keefe, Trish Kennefick O’Kane, Lyn Abke Ruswinkle, Alyssa Lee, Laura and Rona Nix, Eshia Ramsey, Jennifer Shiao Page, Bex Steen Dumler, Kara Renie Fleck, Alice Pfeiffer Nix, Aurora Brown, Heather Brewer, Natasha C. Nicholes, Janeane Davis, Beverly O’Neal, Oanh-Oanh Nguyen, Loren Kaplan, Sylvia Gonzalez Conti, Chris Martinez, Terri Lewis Lyman, Karyn Newbill Helmig, and the supersmart students of Pali High and Pali Elementary. 

The Palisades Village Green allowed us to decorate their already beautiful private park and I am so grateful to Marge Gold, Sandy Alarcon and the entire board of directors. The Palisades-Malibu YMCA enthusiastically sponsored me to do this yarnbomb and as an official volunteer I proudly represent my favorite community-building non-profit. Lion Brand Yarn made a hefty donation of yarn for the 2nd year in a row- awesome fiber! And last but not least,  The National Women’s History Museum offered their support. Stories from their online exhibit can be found on laminated cards throughout the yarnbomb installation.

Just a second tho- Can you believe we do not have a brick and mortar National Women’s History Museum in this country?

There is a National Museum of Roller Skating. There is a National Museum of Mustard. Seriously people, mustard. And yet, we do not have a national museum that presents the stories of American women- a museum our children can visit on field trips and find inspiration. Think about that. As NWHM President Joan Bradley Wages says, “You can’t BE what you can’t SEE.”

If you’re in the LA area March 10th-20th I hope you’ll stop by The Palisades Village Green and SEE our loving tribute to the ladies of America. Bring the kiddos, maybe learn a little something about someone you’d never heard of and while you’re at it, snap a selfie by a tree sweater. #WomenYarnbomb

Special shout out to my foxy husband Jonathan and fearless daughters Pearl and Vivi- I love you so much.


Monument Street Yarnbomb 2016

Village Green Yarnbomb 2015

Yarnbomb 2015



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