Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Party_1


“Mommy! Mommy! Look at that MAN!”

“Oh! Wow! That’s a– he’s a dwarf, honey.”

“So, he’s like Dopey?”

“Well, no one likes to be called Dopey… anyway, Dopey’s animated. He’s more like a munchkin. Like in The Wizard of OZ.”

“So munchkins are real?”

“They prefer to be called ‘Little People’. Munchkin is just their character name. You know what? Forget I said munchkin.”

“Is he a REAL person?”

“Yes, he’s a real person. He’s just really small.”

“He looks like a kid! Only he’s Daddy’s age!”

(Overcompensating) “Yes, isn’t that interesting?! See how people come in soooooo many different shapes and sizes, honey?”

(Off, dreamily) “A munchkin. A real munchkin…”


For her 5th birthday, Pearl had a Wizard of Oz party. I am entirely to blame for this.

Weeks before the event we lived and breathed Wizard of Oz.  Every day we’d brainstorm Wizard of Oz ideas for crafts, for food, for favors.  We constructed a Pin the Heart on the Tinman, we made spongeballs to throw at a Wicked Witch of the West, we scavenged for costumes.  It’s only natural that total immersion in Oz would lead to obsession.

But it had to be this way.  In Los Angeles, hiring a party company or renting an alternate venue can cost upwards of $500.  Our own backyard was the perfect setting, and our own hands were perfectly suited to do all the crafting, cutting and cooking.  After all, everything’s better homemade.Wizard of Oz Party_2A

I used Etsy for the paper products.  For $35 you get a CD customized with your child’s name with tags and signs for everything.Wizard of Oz Party_3
 Every good Wizard of Oz party needs a farm house-cyclone experience.Wizard of Oz Party_4
Wizard of Oz Party_5
Free downloadable Wizard of Oz coloring pages here.Wizard of Oz Party_6
Witch Brew (green lemonade)Wizard of Oz Party_7
Vegan and gluten-free ruby red velvet cupcakesWizard of Oz Party_8
Wizard of Oz Party_9

Professor Marvel and Dorothy the Small and (not so) MeekWizard of Oz Party_10

Liquid Courage for the 21+ crowd. Hey, weekends can be rough.Wizard of Oz Party_11

Pin the Heart on the Tinman gameWizard of Oz Party_12

Melt the Witch!  We chucked wet sponge balls at her.  Everyone was a winner.Wizard of Oz Party_13
Don’t forget the details…Wizard of Oz Party_14

Wizard of Oz Party_15

Wizard of Oz Party_16
Rainbow cake inspired by Martha Stewart’sWizard of Oz Party_17

Party favor baskets contained bubbles, Chinese yoyos (in lieu of lollipops) and of course, poppy seeds.

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