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Wizard of Oz Kid’s Room

Shortly after moving in to our house, Katherine Brophy, The Feng Shui Detective came for a home visit. Following much measurement and calculation, she wrote up our personal charts and gave us a detailed report on which elements were needed around the house to benefit each member of our family. Turns out Pearl needs wood element in her room- represented by blue and green.Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_1

And so the road to Oz began.

The Dwell Studio bedspread came first. And I thought, OK, maybe the theme here is “modern farmhouse.” I painted the Dwell trees on the walls and started to gather farmhouse items from flea markets.  But then I introduced Pearl to The Wizard of Oz.Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_2

Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_3

Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_4

I read versions of the book to her first, and broke her into the film slowly. I showed her clips of the Wicked Witch of the West on you tube, closely observing her face for signs of fear. It was important to me that she not be afraid of this film considering it’s one of my all time favorite stories and the search for home a constant theme in my life and work. (“These things must be done deh-licately.”) I talked about the stage door and other Hollywood camera tricks. And that the actress’s real name was Margaret Hamiliton. And oh honey, that’s just green makeup. And listen, even mommy can make that scary voice… and so can you!

Everything was Oz for a couple years. Check out her Wizard of Oz birthday party (and my very first blog post) here.Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_5

Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_6

But here’s the thing: Pearl’s been following the Yellow Brick Road for quite some time. It’s safe to say she’s made it to Oz. She loves this room, but she’s hankering for a new bed, perhaps a full size, or bunk, or loft, or a twin with just a slightly higher profile. It’s time for a change.Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_7

Not sure what her redesign plans are, but I know that at six years old, mom will have less say in the matter. I’ll be sad to see this room go. It represents such a sweet stage of life.Wizard of Oz Kid's Room_8

But the good news is, she’s home. And she’s not going anywhere for a while…

Bed: Litto Kids Manhattan twin, found on Craigslist

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