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United States Chalkboard Wall

How American are you? Are you American enough for a giant United States chalkboard wall in your dining room?USChalkboardWall1

I thought so.  

Years ago we hopped on the chalkboard wall wagon, and loved every minute of it. Then we changed things around, and the next minute we knew, the living room was the dining room and the dining room was ready for something a little different. I thought maybe create a shape, make it a different color…USChalkboardWall2

So I got a Tracer Machine. And when night fell, I flicked it on. I traced a silhouette of our great country and painted it Benjamin Moore Home on the Range (in a chalkboard base). I’ve always loved this color. I’d tried it in the kitchen, but eventually painted over it because I didn’t love it. Home on the Range has finally found its home… on the wall!USChalkboardWall3

I considered other shapes— California, a vintage label, an amoeba… I needed something horizontally-oriented for this wall and most of all, I wanted it to be fun and original. “Honey, I’m painting the US on our dining room wall!” sounded funny at first, but the shape of the US is quite a nice shape, really. It’s also educational– great for our family with small children. The girls have already started plotting a cross-country trip.USChalkboardWall4

Someday I’ll include the non-contiguous states in this US chalkboard wall. I will paint on the floor and ceiling if I have to. Because that’s just how American I am. Hang tight, Alaska and Hawaii!

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