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Underwood Farms

This morning I went to the doctor for my first round of food allergy testing. I am officially allergic to tuna, shrimp, almonds, tomatoes, oranges, milk and eggs (among other things). There are people all over the world right now receiving news that they have a terminal illness or that a loved one has passed, or that they didn’t get released from prison even though their attorney PROMISED they’d win on appeal, so I say this with a bit of shame but… what am I going to do without oranges??Underwood_1


In my self-pity I took a walk down memory lane and came across these photos from our trip to Underwood Farms this summer. They reminded me of happier times.Underwood_2

We picked the juiciest tomatoes straight from the vine and chowed them right there in the field. Something I will never, ever, ever do again. *sniffle*Underwood_3

As a side note: My sister-in-law, a Bryn Mawr alum, gave the girls these t-shirts. The Bryn-Washing is working, Lu! They wear them everyday and swear their academic experience will be much more focused and productive at a college without silly boys around to distract them. OK, they didn’t say that. (That’s Bryn-Washing Phase Two.)Underwood_4

Underwood Farms also has the fastest slide-tractor ever.Underwood_5

And these amazing built in tunnels.Underwood_6

And a cow train.Underwood_7

And this fun thing where you feed the goats…Underwood_8

And then hope they don’t poop on you. It’s a lot of fun. Really.Underwood_9

Our attempt at a decent family photo. Failed, of course.Underwood_10

We should’ve brought a tripod or a scrim like this adorable family. Bet they got their Christmas card.Underwood_11

With Spring just around the corner I’m seeing lots of people starting their gardens. Even the kindergardeners have been enjoying salad from the garden they grew at school. Every year I attempt gardening in my sideyard. Even built this planter in which to grow my bounty. And every year I get the same thing: a big fat raspberry. Plllllllllllluh! I send California into drought watering my scant seedlings. Then, when I do start to see growth, no matter the contraption I’ve rigged, some hungry nighttime critter breaks in and binges. Apparently, critters don’t have food allergies.Underwood_12

But I will attempt the garden again this year, and grow tomatoes. Because the children love them.

Change is hard. I’ve always been able to eat what I wanted. I don’t like being told I can’t.

Hey, I know there are plenty of people who just live with their allergies. I have a family member who’s allergic to beans. They make him gassy. He just takes Beano. Then there’s my old childhood friend and her sisters, they were all allergic to cats but they just decided to get one anyway and suffer. And there’s my friend with the pollen thing. She’s pops Benedryl and she’s fine.

But I have spent the past 6 months with my lips on fire and spots breaking out on my face after eating certain foods. There’s no way I’m eating tomatoes or oranges again.

This news doesn’t have to be a prison sentence. Maybe it’s just another excuse to get creative.

Think I’ll give rhubarb a try.

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