Toy iPhone

“I love that you’re available to do crafts with me, Mommy.” OK, that’s the first reason I did this project. The second reason for doing this project is I’m sick of saying, “No, you may not play with my iPhone!”Toy iPhone_1

But you MAY have some cardboard, markers, magazines and glue!Toy iPhone_2

My grown up skills were needed to cut the cardboard.  You could use paper, but then this happens…Toy iPhone_3

Cut and glue favorite images onto each one for personalized iPhones! (As you can see we are proud consumers of all apple merchandise, clothing included.)Toy iPhone_4

It’s hard to find activities that both the 5-year-old and 2-year-old can do together, but this was perfect. Tracing, cutting, drawing, gluing…it’s all good.Toy iPhone_5

Then there’s the added bonus of dramatic play when done.  “Hi, Daddy!”  Vivi said.  “Come home 5 minutes!”Toy iPhone_6

The 5-year-old was suddenly a teenager. “I’m gonna have to wrap this up now, Mia, my mom’s telling me to brush my teeth…”Toy iPhone_7

She brought a stack of iPhones to “Show and Share” this morning. I see a lot more of these in our future, especially with Earth Day around the corner.  We’ve already had a request for iPads….Toy iPhone_8

And the best part is my iPhone remains mine, all mine.  At least for now…

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