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Three Little Pigs Family Costume

Every year I go on the hunt for the easiest family costume in the history of Halloween. The year of The Three Little Pigs family costume I might’ve found it. I know many of you don’t have the time and energy to think about this stuff- so I thought I’d share. Maybe this one works for you guys: Pink hoodies. Jeans. Crocheted pig and wolf snouts and tails. We were warm, we were bonded by theme and we huffed and we puffed all around town in comfort and style.

three little pigs, family costume, halloween

Obviously Smalls was the Smart Pig as indicated by the brick paper box around her neck. We were the Straw and Stick Pigs, as seen by our rapper-like necklaces. I attached faux fur around Big’s gray hoodie and threaded some elastic through the leftover fabric and made a wolf snout. The crocheted snouts were just ovals, no pattern to share, but they could be made from anything; paper, felt etc.

The trick to getting the kids to go along with this? Multiple costumes. They’re happy to do the family thing as long as they can do their own thing. Someone slipped into a Wonder Woman costume after the first party and another one was a Snow Queen.

As you know, we’ve been doing this for years. Remember our Matryoshkas?

And also our Inside Out Family Costumes?

What’s everyone doing this Halloween for family and/or individual costumes? We’re still in discussions… Muhuhuhuahahahahaha!! stay tuned. 🙂

*Photo credit: Matt Dusig



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