This Was Saturday

Today we had a family photo shoot with Stuart Townsley. I took this shot but I can only imagine what he got with his giant rocket booster camera.This Was Saturday_1

Best part– the session was 30 minutes long! Stuart worked fast before the kids started complaining about the cold and asking where their treats were.This Was Saturday_2

Thanks, Stuart!This Was Saturday_3

We celebrated a great shoot with Mexican food at Kay and Dave’s.This Was Saturday_4

This is not what my husband ordered but he ate it anyway. Because why wouldn’t you.This Was Saturday_5

Vivi played “Here have a chip!” then pulled it away. The hundredth time was as funny as the first.This Was Saturday_6

And finally… the treat.This Was Saturday_7

I can go weeks not taking any pictures, and then it’ll hit me– they’re growing up! Get the camera! Zoom in!

As if that’ll stop it from happening…

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