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This Place is a Zoo

It’s Spring Break. The house is a mess. Perler beads all over the floor. Half-eaten cheese sticks mixed in with the Legos. Something sticky on the door knobs. I gotta get these kids outta here. Where should we go? I know! Let’s join the entire city of Los Angeles at the zoo!  Yes, the ZOO! The cages! The crowds! The horror! LET’S DO IT!

Am I the only one who loathes the zoo? Fortunately we had a few nice moments.  I’m going to tell myself the animals enjoyed our company, too.This Place_1

Way to start the day—my mom’s very first SENIOR discount!  Woo-hoo!  You go old girl!This Place_2

The carousel, a redeeming attraction.This Place_3

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Komodo Dragon.This Place_4

Vivi was psyched to have a snack date with a chimp.This Place_5

This Place_6

Inspired.This Place_7

But this sweet orangutan stole our hearts.This Place_8

People were like, “Um, could WE get a picture now?”This Place_9

And we were like, “Um, can’t you see we’re having a moment?”This Place_10

And we will be back to see him… if only to plot his escape.

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