This is Friday

On Fridays I drop Smalls at ballet.This is Friday_1

When I pick her up she runs to me and doesn’t finish the rest of class. This is Friday_2

It’s my favorite part of Friday.This is Friday_3

This is Friday_4

This is Friday_5

She prefers daddy, so when he’s around this doesn’t happen.This is Friday_6

Then we got cupcakes. See?This is Friday_7

It took a while to pick up Bigs from basketball. Lots of stops.This is Friday_8

I love watching them hug when they great each other.

It’s not always like this.

But this Friday it was.

*CORRECTION: This was actually… Thursday. Smalls goes to ballet on ThursdayBigs goes to ballet on Friday. It’s a lot to remember, people. Anyway, this was definitely NOT Friday.

Friday was the worst!

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