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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: My Kitchen

I can’t take it anymore. I. Just. Can’t. And I can’t wait to be rescued by the home makeover fairies.Ugly Kitchen_1

From far away it might not look that bad. But take a closer look… Ugly Kitchen_2

I know. White is supposed to make a space look larger. White is supposed to look clean. I’m supposed to like white.Ugly Kitchen_3

But this white is just dirty and old. Not to mention the horrid granite and ceramic tiles. Oh and the faucet that doesn’t stay on unless propped up. And the electric stove… But we’re not taking down walls or buying new appliances anytime soon so PAINT is my only option.

Wait– there is one good thing about this kitchen. These babies. You laugh, but my friends with new-fangled ovens complain about how long they take to heat up or how they always need maintenance. After at least 40 years these GE ovens are still bringing good things to life. (Or at least the concoctions I put into them.)Ugly Kitchen_4

So what am I thinking in terms of color? Here’s my inspiration. Designed by Phillipe Harden in Paris:Ugly Kitchen_5

But can my kitchen pull off this look?  We’re talking OLIVE and SKY BLUE. This could be a big, bold disaster.Ugly Kitchen_6

I don’t care. I’m not over thinking it. We moved in 5 years ago and it may be another 5 before we remodel. If it’s terrible I can paint over it, right?  And I’ll just keep in mind that one day the big remodel WILL happen.

It will happen, won’t it?

For now, I’m prepping to paint… If you think this is a huge mistake better weigh in now!

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