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The Case for a Pre-emptive Pinkalicious Costume

Smalls wanted to be Pinkalicious for Halloween. You know, the protagonist from the book where the kid eats too many cupcakes, turns pink and the only way to remedy the problem is to eat green foods?Pinkalicious_1

I was really hoping she’d choose to be Wonder Woman.  

I love Halloween but it stresses me out. Trying to get everyone fed, dressed and photographed before they run off. And no matter how much I’ve planned it out— when it’s time to take a picture, no one’s cooperative or it’s too dark or they’ve already run off with their friends to gather the first of the sweet treats. Even when I made the matryoshka costumes— those pics were taken on a off day, not on Halloween.Pinkalicious_2

This year I got smart. Genius does not strike me often enough so when it does, you will hear about it.


“Hey, Let’s dress up like Pinkalicious!” I said yesterday afternoon. Halloween, as you may know, is still two weeks away.


The look on my baby’s face said, you are the best mommy ever. This, also, does not happen nearly enough.


I had nothing else on the agenda, just passing time in between dinner and bath time, so I got out all the items: pink dress, pink tights, pink shoes, pink body makeup, pink hair spray, pink wings. We called it a dress rehearsal. Bigs made Smalls an origami cupcake, which she promptly crumpled up and dropped because, you know, not a real cupcake.Pinkalicious_3

She danced around. She acted out Pinkalicious story lines— bees buzzing around her, climbing onto a refrigerator to get “just one more”, playing with an imaginary unicorn… and I took tons of photos. Then, suddenly, she was done.Pinkalicious_4

We were washing the pink out of her hair when she said:


“Mommy? When it’s Halloween can I be Wonder Woman, since I already been Pinkalicious?”


I told you there was genius here.


She’ll change her mind 10 times between now and then, but who cares? Starting Halloween early is fun and relieves stress. And everyone knows, Stressed Out Mommy can be the scariest thing on the streets this time of year.

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