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The Arrangement on E!

Years ago, I was a bartender at this hotel. Jonathan Abrahams would pick me up in his beat up Jetta at 2am and I’d put my feet on the dash and count my dollar bills. That Jetta had permanent moisture in the windshield. Even when it was dry outside. It made no sense. How did it get there? How could he even drive that thing- you couldn’t see out the damn windshield! Anyway…

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He doesn’t have the Jetta anymore, but twelve years later he does have a giant mural for his TV show on the side of the building.  

He was writing press releases for a golf equipment company back then, barely paying the rent. But every single day he’d get up a few hours early and write before work. And when his job was done he’d write after work. Weekends, holidays. Even when he doubted himself he just kept writing. Also an incredible husband and father, this man is a constant source of inspiration to me. Constant. If I could, I would plaster all the buildings in Hollywood with love posters for him. (Hmmm there’s a crafty idea!)
People pursuing dreams, listen. Have faith. Stay the course, do not get off the road. I promise you the windshield won’t always be so foggy. Your girlfriend might find some other things to complain about, but the windshield problem- that definitely goes away.


The Arrangement premieres on E! this Sunday March 5th. (which happens to be the day we met. Crazy, right?)

But wait! You can also watch it right here, right now! Enjoy! And let me know what you think! xo


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