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My Big Fat Egg-free, Dairy-free, Meat-free, Pie-free, Gluten-free Thanksgiving!

I do not eat turkey. My husband does not eat apple pie. My nephew is allergic to eggs. My brother-in-law doesn’t do dairy. Betty eats gluten-free. Michael won’t touch tofu with a ten-foot fork. My sister-in-law is allergic to several foods, ibuprofen and dogs. Hey, wanna have us over?Thanksgiving 2013_1

My 86-year-old father-in-law is the only one without any allergies or aversions. He also gifted me a large sum of cash on Thanksgiving day. I’m not one to pick favorites, but…

Despite our challenges, we managed to have quite a bit of yummy on the Thanksgiving table. There was something for everyone. Continue Reading…