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Underwood Farms

This morning I went to the doctor for my first round of food allergy testing. I am officially allergic to tuna, shrimp, almonds, tomatoes, oranges, milk and eggs (among other things). There are people all over the world right now receiving news that they have a terminal illness or that a loved one has passed, or that they didn’t get released from prison even though their attorney PROMISED they’d win on appeal, so I say this with a bit of shame but… what am I going to do without oranges??Underwood_1


In my self-pity I took a walk down memory lane and came across these photos from our trip to Underwood Farms this summer. They reminded me of happier times. Continue Reading…


Picture Perfect Holiday Cards

Oh. Hi. I recognize you. I’ve seen your holiday card. Hair, perfect. Children, pristine. Spouse, not at all annoyed. In your matching pajamas and your $6,000 Invisalign smile positioned above your charming holiday greeting. Good for you.Picture Perfect Holiday Card_1

When we attempt a family photo we always have at least one of the following: a constipated one, a sleepy one, a grumpster and a look-away. And if we do manage to get a halfway decent shot— guarantee someone’s finger was on the lens. No surprise I have never sent out holiday cards.

Until this year. This year I wanted real holiday cards. I wanted holiday cards like yours.   Continue Reading…