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Modern Matzoh House

Happy Passover! Tonight we’ll attend Seder at a friend’s house but I’ll never forget last year’s celebrationwhen our family visited.Modern Matzoh House

Creativity was in full force… A Passover play. A knitted Seder plate egg. And this modern matzoh house!

It looks like someone ate the mezuzah before I took this picture. Hmm. They also ate the door so I guess we’re still safe.

If you’d like to learn how we made this modern matzoh house read all about it here.

For more matzoh house inspiration click here.

Good luck making your own! Please share your links in the comments below so we can feast our eyes on your fabulous architecture.  :)

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When my sister-in-law Luann called and said she (and my brother-in-law Dave and nephew Moses) were coming I did a little dance. I did. I was in the middle of the 3rd Street Promenade and I did a little two-step. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to feel this way about a visit from in-laws, I know.  But Luann is not like thosein-laws.  She’s smart and crafty. With knitting needles in hand she cannot be stopped.  Let her into your kitchen and she’ll whip up a delicious pie customized to your specific allergies and preferences.Passover_1

Well, OK, maybe she’s annoying in a she-always-does-everything-so-perfectly-and-effortlessly kind of way. Here she is knitting an egg for the seder plate. (Moses is allergic to real ones.)

A month ago Dave accepted a job in Silicon Valley. ‘Hams East as we once called them, packed up their life in Massachusetts and moved cross country to Northern California. Just like that we went from being ‘Hams East and West to ‘Hams North and South. We’d been in the same state for a month already so we were due for a family playdate. Continue Reading…