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Selfie Dolls

I’m in demand. Like many of you, my day starts at the crack of dawn. On 6 hours of sleep we’re expected to handle hot skillets and operate vehicles and get shoes onto the correct feet. And of course there’s the love and attention everyone wants and deserves. But with a busy schedule and multiple kids, forget it– you’re lucky if you get a tiny piece of mommy. No one gets the whole woman. Ever.

In moments of exhaustion/guilt/frustration have you ever shaken your fists at the heavens and exclaimed, “I NEED A CLONE!”Selfie Dolls_1

Well, I have. And when no one answered my prayer I didn’t wallow in self-pity. Oh no. I sat down and did what any halfway-decent somewhat-crafty mommy would do– I made a selfie doll. Two selfie dolls, in fact. Continue Reading…