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Last Day of Kindergarten

For Wordless Wednesday I’d like to share this photo from Pearl’s Kindergarten culmination. She moved so quickly that day I didn’t get a shot of her receiving her certificate. I was bummed.Last Day of Kindergarten

But then I caught her blowing me a kiss.


Welcome to the Garden

So here we are. My first baby has started kindergarten. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as emotional as I’d expected to be on the first day. Sure, I got a little sniffly when I watched her reunite with her preschool buddies– just yesterday they were babies together. But when it came time to send Pearl off to her classroom I was too happy to cry. She’s wanted this for so long. She’s ready.Welcome to the Garden

With a quick kiss she ran off before my tears had a chance to drop.

After school, I asked how the first day went. Her response was, “I don’t know… but we had recess!” Each day she shares a little bit more. Usually the factoids are delivered with, “Mommy did you know that….” One day it was “gorillas are our cousins!”  Another day it was, “air makes you float!” But Thursday I was jarred by her announcement. “Mommy, if you bring a gun to school you get sent to the principal’s office.”

One week in, folks. Continue Reading…