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Mott’s School Lunch Videos on PopSugar!

Thrilled to represent Mott’s school lunch videos on PopSugar! In our first video I talk about making school lunches fun- which might help get that food into our little ones’ bellies!

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Click here to watch the video on PopSugar: Creative Lunchbox Sandwiches!

May all the lunch boxes go out full and may they all come home EMPTY. Amen.

Do you have fun ideas to make school lunches fun? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Back-to-School everyone!



Recipe for Disaster

Today I’d like to share a modern take on a recipe that has been with my family for generations. This particular form of Disaster originated in Southern Babylonia and was etched into twelve ancient tablets before going viral on Pinterest just last week. I’ve adapted the recipe to fit our gluten-free diet, but all variables can be substituted with more or less the same results.Recipe For Disaster_1

Disaster is best served on a bed of fresh avoidance. Continue Reading…


Rock Painting

I had a migraine that lasted most of the weekend. On Saturday all I wanted to do was lock myself in my bedroom and let the kids deal– Lord of the Flies style. Bigs could’ve handled it, but we’re not quite there yet with Smalls, so I had to fulfill my motherly duties despite the vice on my head.Rock Painting_1

Inspired by Handmade Charlotte’s beautiful rock painting roundup, I decided to try making our own. Continue Reading…