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The Case for a Pre-emptive Pinkalicious Costume

Smalls wanted to be Pinkalicious for Halloween. You know, the protagonist from the book where the kid eats too many cupcakes, turns pink and the only way to remedy the problem is to eat green foods?Pinkalicious_1

I was really hoping she’d choose to be Wonder Woman.  

I love Halloween but it stresses me out. Trying to get everyone fed, dressed and photographed before they run off. And no matter how much I’ve planned it out— when it’s time to take a picture, no one’s cooperative or it’s too dark or they’ve already run off with their friends to gather the first of the sweet treats. Even when I made the matryoshka costumes— those pics were taken on a off day, not on Halloween. Continue Reading…

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Halloween Boo-ling Pins!

Pumpkins, check. Scarecrow, check. IMA Goner Gravestones, check. Aren’t you getting a little bored? The same staples every year. Don’t you wanna try something different? Let’s grab Halloween by the gourd and strike it down again and again!Halloween Booling Pins_1

Let’s make Halloween BOO-ling pins from recycled bottles!  

Most mornings I find myself up way too early, pouring my favorite almond milk into a bowl of granola. As I slowly come to life, I stare at the bottle. How gorgeous is Califia Farms’ design and packaging? These are just too pretty to throw away, so I’ve been saving them for the right project. Continue Reading…

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Nine-Layer Halloween Kitty Cake

When considering how to make a Black Cat Halloween Cake, I arrived at the following conclusion:Nine-Layer Halloween Kitty Cake_1

Cats have nine lives. Their cakes should have nine layers. Duh!  

The only reason I pulled this together is because “May May” arrived yesterday. May is my cousin, but we say “sister” in Thai. As second-generation Thai-Americans, it’s never been clear to us what my kids are supposed to call her. Thais add prefixes to names based on the age of the parent of the person– it can get very confusing. But what is clear is that it’s not respectful to call an elder by her first name. So to address this issue we just added another “May” to “May” making her May May. Cute, right? Respectful. Asian. See, we’re so crafty we be makin’ names up. Continue Reading…