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Brownies, Dresses and Rare Comets

Bigs went back to school this week, which is crazy— it’s still summer! But I’m not complaining. Smalls and I have been spending a lot of special time together. She’s always been a daddy’s girl but I’m determined to make her mine, all mine.Brownies Dresses_1_foodstirspackageCollage

“How about we make some brownie popsicles today?” [Squeals]

Sometimes I play dirty.

Foodstirs sent me this adorable “Summer Popsicle Kit” that blends cooking and crafting. A perfect combo. It’s designed to let kids measure out the ingredients by themselves. It comes with all the dry ingredients, a wooden spoon, popsicle sticks, and the best part– natural sprinkles and food dye. Thank you, FOODSTIRS! Continue Reading…