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DIY Farmhouse Table

In the first trimester of my second pregnancy I started to nest. We were sitting around our tiny IKEA table having dinner: my husband Jonathan, my cousin Nigel (visiting), my then 2-year-old and me. The guys are both over 6 feet tall. The 2-year-old just took up a lot of room period. And I would eventually gain 50 pounds. Elbows bumping as we gnawed our cobs of corn I thought, we’re gonna need a bigger table.Farmhouse Table_1

Impulsively, we went to Design Within Reach and laid down plastic for an award-winning table and some la-di-da chairs. But it didn’t sit well, if you will. We needed the money for other things—like the mortgage. So as soon as we left the store I called up and cancelled our order. Why are the good-looking tables so freaking expensive? We’re just talking about wood and screws, right? Continue Reading…