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This Was Saturday

Today we had a family photo shoot with Stuart Townsley. I took this shot but I can only imagine what he got with his giant rocket booster camera.This Was Saturday_1

Best part– the session was 30 minutes long! Stuart worked fast before the kids started complaining about the cold and asking where their treats were. Continue Reading…


Picture Perfect Holiday Cards

Oh. Hi. I recognize you. I’ve seen your holiday card. Hair, perfect. Children, pristine. Spouse, not at all annoyed. In your matching pajamas and your $6,000 Invisalign smile positioned above your charming holiday greeting. Good for you.Picture Perfect Holiday Card_1

When we attempt a family photo we always have at least one of the following: a constipated one, a sleepy one, a grumpster and a look-away. And if we do manage to get a halfway decent shot— guarantee someone’s finger was on the lens. No surprise I have never sent out holiday cards.

Until this year. This year I wanted real holiday cards. I wanted holiday cards like yours.   Continue Reading…


Mama’s New Camera

I finally bought my first digital camera today.  A Canon Rebel T4i.New Camera_1OK, yeah, slightly better than the iPhone.New Camera_2

Maybe we can live without the pet snail close-ups… But can you believe we’ve kept these things alive for TWO WHOLE DAYS? Continue Reading…