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Master Bedroom

I ran into a local mommy at the park. “I read your blog!” she declared. I blushed. My first fan! Eyes wide, I eagerly awaited the praise that was sure to follow. “You need to put up pictures of your house!” she demanded. Oh. “But it’s—it’s not ready,” I stumbled. “I have to paint the walls and make some—” I struggled to defend myself, but I knew she was right. This blog is about the process of creating a home. Time to get over the vanity and share mine.Master Bedroom_1

So now, the moment at least one of you has been waiting for… some snapshots of our bedroom.Master Bedroom_2

I didn’t know it then but this was my inspiration. One morning I made the bed and realized, “Hey, this looks a lot like that photo I love in the DWR catalogue!” Funny how that happens. Still trying to figure out the art placement on that wall though…Master Bedroom_3

My husband’s side. That shiny blingy thing is the Emmy he won for being on the writing staff of Mad Men, season 4. Why am I just now noticing those wings were made for holding rings? Remind me to try that out tonight.Master Bedroom_4

My side is a little more earthy…Master Bedroom_5

But just as bad-ass.Master Bedroom_6

Master Bedroom_7

Master Bedroom_8

Master Bedroom_9

Master Bedroom_10

  • Bed: DWR
  • Bedding: Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Rug: Craigslist
  • Sheepskins: IKEA
  • Lamps: Ugh. They have to go!
  • Flowers: Our neighbor’s garden
  • Teak dresser and nightstand set: Rose Bowl Flea Market
  • Dress Form: My grandpa. The Thai fabric was a wedding gift to my parents
  • Clock: $1 at yard sale
  • Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual: 25 cents at yard sale (best find ever!)
  • Barbarella painting: By moi, many moons ago. I was going through a thing.
  • La-di-da print: Mike Oncley on Etsy
  • Mid-century paper-cord rocking chair: Rose Bowl flea market
  • Bookshelf: $20 at yard sale
  • Fox: Malibu Feed Bin