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All the World’s a Stage

Living in LA, people often ask us if we would let our kids be working actors. When we quickly say “yes”, they raise their eyebrows. Aren’t we worried our kids will lose all moral grounding? Become ego-maniacs? Get addicted to drugs? Aren’t we afraid they’ll become little Lohans and Biebers?All the World’s a Stage_1

Not really. Our kids see the daily grind of life in the industry, and it’s not glamorous.

Look. While Jonathan’s had much success as a writer-producer, we still shop at TJ Maxx. We have actor friends whose cars are so old the emblems have fallen off. Many have to put their dreams on the back burner and take other jobs just to pay the bills. And while we are also surrounded by a handful of celebrities, our children will grow up knowing that pursuing a career in acting or writing or filmmaking is not a quick road to fame and fortune. Continue Reading…