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Pancake Birthday Party

Vivi turned three! In our family, we celebrate this milestone with a pancake party.Pancake Birthday Party_1

Pancakes are yummy, but the real fun lies in the privilege of pouring syrup without parental guidance.

For Vivi’s pancake birthday party we transformed the house into a roadside diner. And yet again, we had another excuse to dress in silly costumes: me, as your fumbling diner waitress Shelly (think Vera with a touch of Flo) and Jonathan as the world renowned pancake chef Johnny Pancakes. Continue Reading…


A Bag of Honest

Last week I went to the Honest Company’s 2nd birthday party in their beautiful new workspace in Santa Monica.Honest_1

I met the lovely Jessica Alba and fellow co-founder Christopher Gavigan. I also had some great cake. Yes, that’s a faux bois layer. Continue Reading…