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All I Can Muster

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All I Can Muster

Some days the most I can muster is a microwave dinner and a shrill command to play outside. Somedays all I can muster is a shower. Somedays all I can muster is being there, quiet, watching them play without intervention, without judgement.Muster_1

Somedays all I can muster is a photo, so I can go back and revisit the moment at another time. Muster_2

This was one of those days. They ate that microwave dinner (scarfed it), they played outside (happily) and no one noticed my greasy hair.Muster_3
They never judged me for any of it, why should I?Muster_4

I’m going to click “publish” on this post wondering if I’ve written enough.  If it’s good enough.  If people will be upset that I didn’t do more.  Then I’m going to let that go.  This was all I could muster today.Muster_5

And it was awesome.