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Staci’s Sweet Baby Shower

I have the most fabulous friends. Staci Lawrence is one of them. Mother, actress, writer and co-founder of Flash Mob America, Staci has danced her way through 2 pregnancies and brought joy to thousands of people through surprise.Baby Shower_1

I remember Staci when she was someone else’s assistant. Now I’m lucky if I can get her on the phone during business hours.Baby Shower_2

Sunday we celebrated her second pregnancy with an intimate shower at The Little Door in Hollywood.Baby Shower_3

If you’re looking for the ugly people, they weren’t here.Baby Shower_4

The hosts, Lauren and Janine, took the theme “Sweet Baby Girl” and ran.Baby Shower_5

Lauren made these adorable place cards with washi tape and paper flowers. I think the first thing I said when I saw them was, “I hate you!” Fortunately she took this as a compliment.Baby Shower_6

Black and white chevron ribbon and twine wrapped around jars with spring flowers. Love.Baby Shower_7

Whenever I go to brunch I always order eggs benedict. I would never make benedict at home. Hollandaise and poached eggs? Could potentially gross me out. But cooked and served by other people? Nom.Baby Shower_8

Conversation topics ranged from breastfeeding and baby milestones to detached office space and colonic hydrotherapy. You know, usual brunch banter.Baby Shower_9

Damn. Why can’t I catch the light they way these ladies do? Staci, Marlan, Lauren and Janine– thank you for a wonderful afternoon!Baby Shower_10

With two sweet girls of my own, I’m thrilled that Staci will have the yumminess of sisters in her house. Mine are snuggled up together right now. Seriously, if it were any sweeter I’ve have a diabetic seizure.

Congrats on your party of four, sweet friend.  xx

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