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Snow-Ling Pins!

For Halloween we make Boo-Ling Pins. In Winter we make… Snow-Ling Pins!Snow-Ling Pins_1

Is it clear that I’m obsessed with Califia Farms almond milk yet?  Snow-Ling Pins_2

Just a little.Snow-Ling Pins_3

What You’ll Need:

  • 10 empty Califia Farms bottles
  • White spray paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Black sharpie (eyes, mouth), orange craft paint (carrot nose), silver paint pen (buttons)
  • Yarn, rainbow loom rubber bands or ribbon


What to do:

  • Strip outer plastic from bottles.
  • Remove caps. Spray paint bottles white.
  • Spray paint caps black.
  • When dry, screw caps on bottles.
  • Paint faces and buttons.
  • For scarves, use a Wonder Knitter, make Rainbow Loom bracelets or simply tie ribbon around them.

Snow-Ling Pins_4

OK, fine.  You don’t have to make ten. You can just make one. I won’t judge.Snow-Ling Pins_5

Give the Elf a break and move these guys around the house. I can totally see one chatting up Barbie or sneaking a swig of whiskey.Snow-Ling Pins_6

I hope you enjoy making your Snow-Ling pins. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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