Shabbat Shalom

At school today our 5-year-old Pearl was the Shabbat yelda, which means she enjoyed special privileges all week. This morning we joined her for more special treatment in the sanctuary and classroom. Pearl likes to plan her shabbat like a party. She brought flowers, books and a snack of broccoli, strawberries and sugar cookies. These are health savvy kids so I made the cookies organic with turbinado sugar and snuck in a little protein by using garbanzo bean flour.Shabbat Shalom_1

One of her friends held up the cookie skeptically and asked, “Does this have any corn syrup or artificial coloring in it?”  See what I mean?Shabbat Shalom_2

Our rabbi plays the guitar.  This is a pretty cool place.Shabbat Shalom_3

In the classroom, Daddy read Frog and Toad and Pearl read The Belly Book.Shabbat Shalom_4

“No, it is NOT taking a really long time, Michael. I’m almost done.”Shabbat Shalom_5

Vivi set the table perfectly and we all sang the Hamotzi (blessing for bread).Shabbat Shalom_6

That’s me thinking, “This dress is way too tight for squatting.”Shabbat Shalom_7

Big hands teaching little hands how to braid challah.

At the end of the day we decided to make bathtime special with candles. It helped them get into the bath quicker and it really calmed them down. They stared into the flames, ooh-ed and ahh-ed and talked about their favorite ones.  I’ve decided this is something we’re going to do every Friday for Shabbat. SHABBAT + BATH shall hereby be known as SHABBATH.

Shabbat Shalom everyone!

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