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Selfie Dolls

I’m in demand. Like many of you, my day starts at the crack of dawn. On 6 hours of sleep we’re expected to handle hot skillets and operate vehicles and get shoes onto the correct feet. And of course there’s the love and attention everyone wants and deserves. But with a busy schedule and multiple kids, forget it– you’re lucky if you get a tiny piece of mommy. No one gets the whole woman. Ever.

In moments of exhaustion/guilt/frustration have you ever shaken your fists at the heavens and exclaimed, “I NEED A CLONE!”Selfie Dolls_1

Well, I have. And when no one answered my prayer I didn’t wallow in self-pity. Oh no. I sat down and did what any halfway-decent somewhat-crafty mommy would do– I made a selfie doll. Two selfie dolls, in fact.

I haven’t figured out how to make them unload the dishwasher yet, but they keep the girls company when I can’t be around. And each child gets her own ME.Selfie Dolls_2

Pearl and I started making these dolls for her teachers three years ago. Here’s a little secret: when in doubt about what to get someone, remember that no matter how many tequilas they down at happy hour, no matter how many books they don’t read, no matter how much they bitch about their love handles… people love themselves. And they really, really love receiving small stuffed replicas of themselves. We will still be making these as teacher’s gifts when the girls are in college. Get ready for your closeups, Harvard professors!Selfie Dolls_3

Pearl draws the body and I take the picture of the head that sits atop. We’ve made them for friends’ birthdays, for kids who need help falling asleep and for parents who leave town on business. One doll was taken to Indonesia on a surf trip and when things got gnarly, my friend was so grateful to have his daughter’s selfie doll with him.

So don’t delay– someone, somewhere needs you!

What You’ll Need:

  • Black sharpie
  • Plain white paper
  • Camera (I use my iPhone)
  • Computer with basic photo editing
  • Colorfast fabric paper ( I use June Tailor’s)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Fabric scrap
  • Sewing machine, but can easily be done by hand.
  • Batting
  • Thread

What To Do:

1) Take a selfie.Selfie Dolls_4

I suppose in true selfie fashion I could’ve taken a pic while looking awesome in my bikini, or in a limo on New Year’s Eve, or drunk on a beach in Phuket, but unfortunately these things don’t happen anymore. This is me after drop-off at Starbucks.

2) Draw a body on paper with a sharpie.Selfie Dolls_5

3) Open the selfie pic in iPhoto. Choose edit, then make it black and white. Lighten it so the white is as white as possible without blowing out your features.

4) Print it at 4X6 (prefer the look of a larger head? 5X7 works too.)

5) Cut out the head and tape it to the body.

6) Take a picture of the page.Selfie Dolls_6

7) Edit picture in iPhoto. Again, make it black and white and brighten the white. (This will avoid the background looking gray and dirty.)

8) Print onto fabric paper

9) Wrong sides of fabric and fabric scrap together, cut a huggable body shape.Selfie Dolls_7

10) Sew with right sides together, leaving bottom open.

11) Turn right side out and stuff with batting.

12) Hand sew bottom with complimentary thread.Selfie Dolls_8

Congratulations– your Selfie Doll is done! Don’t you feel lighter already?Selfie Dolls_9

Don’t forget to take a selfie with your selfie. Tweet the pic to @homemademimi #selfiedoll!

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