My Schlage Sense Keyless Front Door!

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[This is a sponsored post. All opinions and enthusiastic outbursts are my own.]

I remember exactly when I starting coveting thy neighbor’s home, it was the moment I saw her open her front door… without a key.

She has a Schlage Sense™ keyless front door.

But the thing is, I live in LA. All my neighbors have all the things. Pools, basketball courts, outdoor kitchens… None of it ever really got to me that bad- until I saw a front door with keyless entry. THAT sent me over the edge of manageable jealousy.

Schlage, keyless entry, deadbolt, lock

So when Schlage® asked if I’d like to receive a Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and write about it I said, “You have no idea how much YES I have for you.” 

When the box arrived I admit I was a little intimidated. As a DIY expert I should feel comfortable with all sorts of hardware and mechanisms with intricate moving parts right? Well, I’d never installed a lock before. The front door lock of your home keeps your family safe. It should be installed by a professional, right?

schlage, keyless entry, front door lock, keyless entry

Not true. I downloaded an app. I watched a video. I installed the lock. If you’ve ever tried to set a VCR, it was way easier than that. On the difficulty scale it was more like making a sandwich. For real.

schlage, keyless entry, deadbolt, lock, century trim

I chose the Century trim in nickel which works great with our mid-century modern home.

Schlage actually has a wide range of innovative and stylish products that are super easy to install straight out-of-the-box. They’re made for people like us and they’re shifting the perception of door hardware– NO you DON’T need to call a handy man!

Now I have a front door lock that can be synched with my Apple TV and I can operate with my phone. So when my husband and I are watching Game of Thrones, we do not have to move our butts to open the door! Yes, pizza guy, you may enter and leave that half olive half mushroom pizza right there on that bench where we left your money. We will lock the door behind you from where we sit… by using my iPhone.

You can tell Siri to open and close your door. It is the closest thing to a butler we will have in this lifetime.

I also don’t have to worry about my kids losing keys and then having to change the entire lock— now, they each have their own code. And if I’m concerned that security has been breached, I can easily change the code. The Schlage Sense™ can hold up to 30 codes and it even has built-in alarm sensors and can issue an alert if it senses a potential attack— making this lock, installed all by myself (!), the safest front door lock ever.

I don’t have my neighbor’s pool. I don’t have her basketball court. Hell, I don’t even have a decent plant for my porch. But now I DO have a front door that opens when I tell it to. And that, my friends, is all I need!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schlage®.



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