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Ruby’s Red Carpet Birthday

The red carpet is traditionally reserved for an elite set— famous people, rich people, people with unusually large… sponsors.Red Carpet Birthday_1

But our friends Elizabeth and Michael rolled out a different red carpet when they threw their daughter Ruby a Red Carpet Birthday Party. It was a celebration of childhood, individuality and friendship.

The power of the red carpet was in the kids’ hands. Ruby made a walk of fame with stars for each of her friends.Red Carpet Birthday_2

As they arrived, paparazzi called their names as they walked down the red carpet.Red Carpet Birthday_3

This was the hardest part for me. I don’t like seeing them look so grown up. That 8-year-old is still a baby in my mind.Red Carpet Birthday_4

Now she’s a Jennifer Lawrence look-a-like. How did this happen?!Red Carpet Birthday_5

When everyone arrived, they created toilet paper fashion (which, not surprisingly, turned out better than much of the fashion we see on other red carpets).Red Carpet Birthday_6

With the big kids occupied, Smalls had full access to Ruby’s wardrobe trailer. Hey look! Elizabeth Taylor came to claim another award for Cleopatra!Red Carpet Birthday_7

There was this…Red Carpet Birthday_8

And there was this…Red Carpet Birthday_9

While the kids indulged in chocolate decadence inside, Michael was busy in the backyard getting the cement the perfect consistency for Chinese-theater-inspired handprints. Yes, they thought of everything.Red Carpet Birthday_10

Just yesterday I visited a one-day old Ruby-red baby in the hospital. I fumbled with an aspirator bulb, awestruck by our courageous new parent friends. Eighteen months later we had Pearl. Our girls have been best friends ever since.Red Carpet Birthday_11

I just want to press pause on this movie. Slo-mo. No grown-up clothes. Step away from them with that makeup brush. I want chocolate on their faces and scabs on their knees and playdoh in their fingernails. Forever.

I definitely don’t want this. What the hell is this?Red Carpet Birthday_12

Oh, it’s Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice. That’s fine. But slow down. We don’t need anyone hopped up on fructose before bedtime.

Or maybe we do.

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