Rock Painting

I had a migraine that lasted most of the weekend. On Saturday all I wanted to do was lock myself in my bedroom and let the kids deal– Lord of the Flies style. Bigs could’ve handled it, but we’re not quite there yet with Smalls, so I had to fulfill my motherly duties despite the vice on my head.Rock Painting_1

Inspired by Handmade Charlotte’s beautiful rock painting roundup, I decided to try making our own.

It was another gorgeous day in Southern California so I put on my extra dark sunglasses and we all went outside. To keep the mess under control,  I became Keeper of the Bag and divied out little droplets of paint upon request. Maintenance of my sanity is really all about paint (or glue or glitter) control.Rock Painting_2

I never expected the three of us to sit there painting, quietly for so long. I could’ve painted rock people all afternoon. It was so meditative, and for a while, my head was free of pain.Rock Painting_3

Rock Painting_4

Rock Painting_5

A fairy.Rock Painting_6

By Sunday afternoon the 12-hour Aleve finally kicked in. Just in time for me to discover painted rocks hidden in my shoes, my purse, my underwear drawer…

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