A Robot For Mom: The LG HOM-BOT Square

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.)

I don’t know about you but I need a clean house in order to think clearly. As a mom, I rarely have a clean house. Therefore, I end up not thinking clearly most of the time.  

The other day Smalls took her shoes off in the foyer after playing in the sandbox at the park. The sand poured out of her Mary Janes and landed in little piles all over the tile floor. I walked through it a few times and got irritated, feeling the grains of sand stick to my feet. I told myself I’d get to it when I got a chance, but I needed to make dinner and run the bath. I wanted to hang out with my kids and enjoy them. I never got around to cleaning it up. Oh yeah, the sand disappeared alright, because it got spread out and tracked around the house.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be like- “Cool- SAND! Way to bring the outdoors in, girl! Bring MORE next time!”

Unfortunately I’m not that kind of mom. The grains of sand get under my skin. I begin to twitch.

So then I see this video for the LG HOM-BOT Square. It’s a vacuum. A robot vacuum that vacuums all by itself. I want this. I also want a robot to do carpool and take away my wrinkles. But now I’m just getting greedy. Baby steps.

This robot is different from the other robots. The LG HOM-BOT Square is shaped like a square for one, which makes sense when it comes to cleaning corners. The brushes inside it can reach out just like a broom. Insert an easy cartridge and it’s also a mop! It comes with a remote control and you can program it to clean exactly the pattern you need. So on days that I know we’re going to the beach or the sandbox, I can press a button and it knows what to do: the foyer. Right away. Ensuring a thorough clean until every last grain is gone.

I can even program it to start work right at 2:30 when the kids get home. And just, like, follow them around the house like some kind of clean freak puppy.

And if they want to pick it up and play with it like a puppy- no problem because the puppy- I mean the LG HOM-BOT— remembers where it left off as soon as you put it down. It has cameras all around it, like my car has sensors, so it won’t knock things down (like that glass of wine I put on the floor while playing Legos). It also has the capacity to climb up onto high pile carpets.

Actually, the more I speak about it the more I realize it might take away my wrinkles, too.

I remember my mom getting a different floor robot in the late 80’s, when this kind of technology was in the beginning stages. It didn’t work well and it was then that I truly understood the phrases “waste of money” and “too good to be true”. Her opinions stuck with me. Until now. This is not our mother’s floor robot. I wish I could hop in Marty McFly’s Delorean with an LG HOM-BOT and give it to my mom.

Click here for more on the LG HOM-BOT Square.

Hom-Bot Right Overview Black VR65704LVM

Full disclosure, I don’t own this yet. But I believe wholeheartedly in supporting technology whose mission is to make our lives easier so that we can enjoy the things that matter. I don’t want to spend time thinking about the grains of sand when there are more important things to spend time thinking about.

Family. Love. Laughter. Summer.

What are your plans for the summer? We are staycating, because why not? We live by the beach. And this summer, the sand’s not gonna bother me at all. 😉

Have a great one, friends!

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