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Pool Noodle Fire Pit

Got pool noodles?

Pool Noodle Collage

Then you got a pool noodle fire pit!

Last night I caught my neighbor about to toss an old pool noodle in the trash. I was like, “Woah Nancy, can’t you see the possibilities? That’s about to become our Camp Winepekita Time Machine right there!”

The weather’s getting warmer and I thought it would be fun to make a camp in the backyard. Pitch a tent, sit around a fire and sing songs, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. And when mommy needs to run back inside to grab another beer, she doesn’t want to worry that a child is going to go up in flames. 

Real fire pit: 0

Faux fire pit: 1

So I cut up that old, green, pool noodle into five “logs”, spray painted them dark brown and hand painted tan swirls to get that faux bois look. I used Rustoleum dark brown spray paint for the base and brushed on tan leftover Benjamin Moore house paint. If you plan on handling these logs a bit, I’d slap a thin coat of water-based poly on them. It will help prevent the paint from flaking. I used Rustoleum Varathane.Pool Noodle Fire Pit

A gray felt circle defined the pit, and a small bundle of red fringed felt became kid-friendly flames. Vivi had the idea to use fluffy batting as marshmallows and we stuck some on the ends of barbecue sticks. Then we got up real close to the fire, like you can do in this situation.Fire Pit Marshmallows

If you build your pool noodle fire pit at night, just hide a flashlight under some lightweight red fabric to get a nice fiery glow. For more kid-friendly fire, check out my easy-to-make paper sparklers.

What else ya got in your trash can Nance? I’m thinking we need a wigwam now…

Happy Camping, Everyone!  xoFire Pit Marshmallows2

Got more noodles you want to upcycle?  Try these fun pool noodle hacks for the kiddos:

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