Plastic Bag Chef’s Hat

We’re busy getting ready for Vivi’s birthday. What better way to ring in Year 3 than with a pancake party?Chef Hat_1

Since the kids will be cooking in “Viv’s Diner” I figured they should be properly dressed. You know, in case the Health Department shows up. (And if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you know they always show up when you’re breaking the rules.) These recycled plastic bag chefs’ hats will be the perfect touch. And might even keep us out of a $500 fine…

We’ll probably wear these over and over in the kitchen. In fact, I KNOW we will because we made them when Pearl turned 3 and we threw HER a pancake birthday! They make awesome party favors and damn– are they cute or what?!

Plastic Bag Chef’s Hats

What You’ll Need:

  • Posterboard
  • White plastic grocery bags
  • Washi tape (AKA craft tape)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

What to Do:

  • Cut strips of poster board lengthwise (I got five per piece and I’ll need to make about 15)
  • Measure head (my child’s was 19 1/2 inches). Staple poster strips into rings.
  • Cut handles off plastic bags.
  • Staple plastic bags to inside of ring. Try to keep staples somewhat even.
  • Cover staples with washi tape.Chef Hat_2A

Now hurry up and start flippin’, table 3 needs another short stack!

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