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The Pie Life… and How I Found Balance

I loved being a stay-at-home mom. For years. The nursing, the middle-of-the-day cuddles, how the smallest activities turned into big, big adventures. And then one day I didn’t love it so much anymore. In fact, I found myself very depressed. My life was completely out of whack. 

One night after baby group, I approached another mom whom I knew to be a work-life balance expert, Samantha Ettus. I told her I was thinking about starting a DIY blog and I asked what she thought of that idea.

Her face lit up like I had just given her a gift. And I had— now that she’s my friend I know that her passion is to help other women find fulfillment and achieve their goals.

In The Pie Life, she mentions this night when I came up to her. I told her I’d probably start once my littlest was in kindergarten. “Why not start tomorrow?” she suggested.

That was just the push I needed. I did start the next day, by researching available domain names and handles. And the day after that I started creating content. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. I brought my computer everywhere and often found myself writing in the front seat of the car while my toddler napped in the backseat. I wasn’t sure where my blog was going at first, but I treated my work like a job- I acted as if it was a paying one, and today that is just what I have.

I started contributing to parenting sites like Babble, Momdotme and Huffington Post. After a while, I landed a part on TLC’s What She Said, a comedy show about motherhood. I have appeared on morning shows such as Home & Family and TODAY as a DIY expert. And I have been hired by brands such as Mott’s and Downy. Bringing in money for my family after such a long stretch without has given me confidence that I didn’t have before and has even contributed to my overall mental health.

Neglecting myself and my creativity took a toll on me. Despite being surrounded by my beautiful family, my world had begun to feel muted. Work brought the color back.

The great thing about Sam’s new book The Pie Life is that it’s up to YOU to define your own “slices” in order to create your happiest life. Life isn’t all about career and kids- there are relationships, health, and hobbies to consider. She breaks it down and includes exercises and worksheets to help you focus on what it is you want out of life and how to get it.

We all have different stories. No one way of living can be a fix-all for everyone. But whether you stay at home or work from home or work out of the home or work upside down on the train… imbalance is something that affects us all and The Pie Life can help!!

Sam gave me 2 copies of The Pie Life and I’m giving one away! Enter to win the rafflecopter below– good luck! Have a beautiful day everyone. xo
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