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People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Run

My brother and sister-in-law just traded their historic Victorian in Massachusetts for a mid-century modern Eichler in Northern California. Yes, they now live in Cali! So what if the halls are filled with boxes and stuff is strewn about all willy-nilly? We don’t care– we’re family. Puff up the air mattress and unpack those wine glasses… we’re coming to visit!Eichler_1

Basically, the idea behind Eichler housing is indoor/outdoor suburban living, clean lines, open floor plans… and lots and lots (did I say lots?) of glass.

Before we got the full home tour we were taught the first rule of Eichler: DO NOT RUN in Eichler. A cautionary tale passed down through generations of Eichler owners followed: The day “The Owens” moved in to their Eichler, little Bobby Owen was running through the house and crashed through an unseen glass wall. Survived, but was pretty cut up. The rule makes sense in a glass house, but we still had three active children. And one was a 2-year-old.  What were we going to do? You remember what happened when Vivi and I visited the Eames house, right? She doesn’t give a toot about rules. I considered keeping her entire body wrapped in gauze for the weekend just to be safe.Eichler_2

Luann had placed sticky things all over the windows so the kids would be aware of them. She even set up a craft area so they could make their own sticky designs. She also saved up some strawberry baskets for a weaving project which engaged the big kids for a good hour and a half. See, once you take “running in the house” off the list of activities, you know you need to double down on the craft projects.Eichler_3

Cardboard boxes transformed into fairy wings. M became the space shuttle…Eichler_4

…As well as the astronaut inside the space shuttle.Eichler_5

We all know kids love tape and we all know kids love braces, but combining the two hadn’t occurred to me. Don’t worry, Pearlie. Mommy and Daddy had ’em. You will most likely have real braces too.Eichler_6

We spent most of our time indoors. I mean, OUTdoors. I mean INdoors. I mean– OK, both. Most of our time was spent in the atrium which M says, “is an inside-outside kinda place.”

The big kids went wild with Kid Made Modern tape from Target. Maybe a little too wild. I was in another room when I heard Auntie Lu say, “No, Pearl. I get to choose what happens to my body.”  Uh-oh.Eichler_7



Yes, the floor is a much better place for the tape.Eichler_10

Dinosaur hopscotch, anyone?Eichler_11

Later, the older kids played chess.Eichler_12

Vivi did not play chess. Poor thing. Doncha just wanna set her loose in an open field?

Speaking of being set loose in an open field, I was in an Eichler with a camera and I needed my fix of ridiculousness. Lu and I put on our faces and threw some vintage shirts at the guys. Suddenly we were re-enacting vintage photos from the good ‘ol Eichler days.Eichler_13

I can’t believe these people are my family. No, wait. I can.Eichler_14

Let’s break this one down: Jonathan is the mechanic. I’m getting seduced by the mechanic. Vivi is diving into my martini (just water) and Pearl is pretending she doesn’t belong with us. One false move and any of these things could happen in real life.Eichler_15

It’s all about the indoor/outdoor California livin’. Sorry, Massachusetts. We still love you. At least for that one week in June.Eichler_16

Oh look! The Selfie Dolls Pearl and I made for them before they moved to California (M likes to keep his in his room). All dolls fit into a bag in the shape of California including a “little Massachusetts” taken on their cross country journey. They look so happy in their new California modern home. (And so do we!)

Thank you for your hospitality, Dear Family. We wish you many, many years of health and happiness in your new home. And may the baseballs land in grass… not glass.

Until we meet again– Thanksgivukkah 2013!

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