Pearl’s Wizard of Oz Bedroom on Apartment Therapy!

When I submitted Pearl’s Wizard of Oz bedroom to Apartment Therapy a few months ago, I didn’t hear back. No biggie. I figured they get thousands of submissions daily.Apartment Therapy

I’d been a loyal fan for years and would remain so. When the kids or the traffic or the evening news gets to me, I dive into AT’s world of styled vignettes and pretty things. A world where all objects coordinate. If there is a comfort food of blogs Apartment Therapy is mine.

Then, this morning, a friend posted a link on my Facebook timeline. Apartment Therapy posted the room! MY room! I mean, um, my daughter’s room…

I’m excited and inspired and ready to share more of this crazy house with you all. Thanks for the shout out, Apartment Therapy.

Most of all, thanks for all of your support, my lovely readers!

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