Pancake Birthday Party

Vivi turned three! In our family, we celebrate this milestone with a pancake party.Pancake Birthday Party_1

Pancakes are yummy, but the real fun lies in the privilege of pouring syrup without parental guidance.

For Vivi’s pancake birthday party we transformed the house into a roadside diner. And yet again, we had another excuse to dress in silly costumes: me, as your fumbling diner waitress Shelly (think Vera with a touch of Flo) and Jonathan as the world renowned pancake chef Johnny Pancakes.

Pancake Birthday Party_2

Johnny Pancakes kept the stacks tall and I put out bowls of fixings so the kids could create their own masterpieces. Blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, fruity o’s, raisins, and of course, an endless stream of pure maple syrup. I tossed some Honest wipes from the party the other night on the table. Wipes are a must-have for sticky pancake fingers!Pancake Birthday Party_3

Vivi and I made these adorable plastic bag chef’s hats the week before the party. Click here for the easy tutorial!Pancake Birthday Party_4

Pancakes aren’t for everyone so Viv’s Diner also carried bagels and hot joe for the grownups.Pancake Birthday Party_5

My customers had excellent table manners. And they got the whipped cream in all the right places.Pancake Birthday Party_6

They didn’t tip, but they said they’d get me next time.Pancake Birthday Party_7

I mean, come on. This age!Pancake Birthday Party_8

The official “cake” didn’t have to be perfect. It just needed to be high and colorful. It ends up looking like this anyway…Pancake Birthday Party_9

After consuming all that sugar they really needed to burn it off. Thank goodness I had won a party from Wee Wigglers children’s entertainment at the Walk for Wishes last year.  The kids loved dancing with Shira! I also rented a bouncy, just to make sure they got ALL their sillies out.Pancake Birthday Party_10

The favors were IKEA spatula sets wrapped in dish towels. I figured these would be fun but also useful.Pancake Birthday Party_11

Eventually we put pancakes on the 86 list. The diner closed and the patrons went home to nap. Except for the ones who were wound up for the entire day.Pancake Birthday Party_12

Welcome to 3, Vi-Love! You are our endless stream of sweetness.

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