Is she sick or isn’t she?  She hasn’t been herself. She’s been complaining of a sore throat for 5 days with no other symptoms. My grandmother died, maybe she’s freaked out that her own body will fail her?  Maybe it’s hypochondria?Nothingitis_1

But what if it really is something? It’s the last day of Spring Break and I do not need a sick child at home for another week. Worse, you’ll all think me a bad mother if I don’t take her to the doctor. Get in the car kids.Nothingitis_2

She’s also been traumatized since the Stomach Virus of 2012. So even if she isn’t sick, some reassurance from the doctor might be helpful. It’s been a long spring break and I need this kid to go back to school like a hog needs the open road.Nothingitis_3

Heart, check. Eyes, check. Ears, check. And the moment I’ve been waiting for… no signs of strep!Nothingitis_4

The koala has spoken.Nothingitis_5

Doctor:  ”Your body is perfectly healthy. Throats get dry, poopies are sometimes soft.”Nothingitis_6

Thanks, Doc. Time for school everyone!

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