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Mom Opening Barbies

I did something today that I don’t normally do. I made an unboxing video and posted it to YouTube. It’s called Mom Opening Barbies. You know those videos with kids, where they’re opening toys? So it’s like that. Only it’s me, a mom, opening the toys.

mom opening barbies I wasn’t paid to do it. I’m just genuinely excited about the new Barbies coming out. The fact that my girls can now see themselves in Barbie thrills me. The fact that Barbie now creates a wide range of skin tones that actually reflect the diverse environment in which my girls live thrills me. The fact that there are now four body types and not just one impossible ideal thrills me. 

But Michelle, you make DIY videos. How to use your power tools, that sort of thing. Why would you do a silly unboxing video with Barbie dolls?

Yes, I do. I make videos with power tools. But do you know what my favorite power tools is?  My voice.

I’ve done my fair share of complaining about the terrible toys out there for kids. Which is why I’m choosing to praise manufacturers when they make important changes. And I’m choosing to put my money in that change as well by purchasing the product. Oh yeah, that’s my other favorite power tool. Money.

Maybe you think it’s too little too late with these dolls. Or that they aren’t curvy enough, or diverse enough. I say, they’re here now, let’s celebrate it.

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