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Meeting Mabel

You now how when you’re a kid and you say to your best friend, “One day our kids will be best friends” and then you grow up and they are? But somewhere in the middle you began to wonder if you were ever going to make it to babies or marriage or even adulthood at all? So you forgot that you said that until it actually happened and when it did it was like the world stopped and everything came into complete focus and you realize that life is perfect and so you cry, you just bawl like a little tiny baby?Meeting Mabel_1

That’s what it was like for me when my kids met Baby Mabel.

My best friend’s baby came a month early, so we waited a little while to let them handle her. Because, precious.Meeting Mabel_2

Pearl got to hold her first. Vivi worked on her form.Meeting Mabel_3

When I say it was a surprise that we made it to adulthood I’m not kidding. We did a lot of stupid things together. There was the summer before college when we ran from authorities and jumped the fence to get into Reggae Sunsplash. And then there was that hitchhiker we picked up on the way home from Reggae Sunsplash. And that request by said hitchhiker to turn off the highway and go to a remote lake to swim with a bunch of strangers. That was the same night we learned of the Massachusetts Freshwater Leech.

Girls, may you look out for each other as you grow up together. Don’t run from security– just pay for the damn concert ticket. And no matter how safe a guy looks in his J. Crew barn jacket– just keep on driving. And always, ALWAYS check the conditions of the lake before you skinnydip.Meeting Mabel_4

And may you grow up to be happy, healthy adults… so that you can watch your babies become best friends too.

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