Mama’s New Camera

I finally bought my first digital camera today.  A Canon Rebel T4i.New Camera_1OK, yeah, slightly better than the iPhone.New Camera_2

Maybe we can live without the pet snail close-ups… But can you believe we’ve kept these things alive for TWO WHOLE DAYS?New Camera_3

I have a feeling I’m ONLY going to use the 50mm lens.New Camera_5 New Camera_4 New Camera_6

The kids like it.  But they’d ham it up for anything.New Camera_7

Time to walk those sillies out…New Camera_8

No idea what they’re looking at but it can’t be that bad.New Camera_9

New Camera_10


New Camera_11

New Camera_12

Home at last! (OK, but the flash has got to go.  How do you turn that damn thing off…?)New Camera_13

It captures dimples yet blurs the cobwebs in the windows– double win!New Camera_14

Good choice, Pearl.New Camera_15

Night night to all my little rebels…

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