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Log Warmers

In LA most of us are looking at your wintery posts of snowmen and ice skating and warm cozy fires with envy. But there’s one thing we have that you don’t.Log Warmers_2

Log warmers on our fire logs!

At least I do. My fireplace doesn’t get much action over here so I decided to upcycle some old sweaters and dress up my logs with log warmers.Log Warmers 1_Collage

Yes, I did say log warmers. Like leg warmers, but for you logs. And if you think warmers for logs are silly, lemme tell you: so is wearing a wool cap in 65 degree weather. (You people know who you are).Log Warmers_3

Log warmers are a great way to add color to an otherwise dark area and recycle those old sweaters in a fun way.

Of course, even you snowbirds can do it, just be sure to take them off before you flip the swtich- er, light the match.  Honestly, today is a little chilly in LA, and if I wanted to I could start a fire. But do I really want to deal with the cleanup? Nay!

Log Warmers for the big, fat, cozy, no-mess win!


Log Warmers

What you’ll need:

  • Long-sleeved sweater(s)


What to do:

  • Cut off the arms
  • Wiggle arms onto logs
  • Tuck in the frayed endsLog Warmers_4

Tada! Log warmers. Sorry, I should’ve warned you it would be painfully easy. These burn bright year round by the way. Try pastels in the spring, holiday colors in winter. Ombre, all white, sleeves with words… go crazy! And share your pics with me on instagram #logwarmers @homemademimi. Enjoy!

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