Kick-Ass T-Shirt Tote

The ban on plastic bags went into effect Jan 1st in our Los Angeles neighborhood. Also, my husband cleaned out his closet.T-shirt Tote

These two events magically coincided to create a stack of very kick-ass t-shirt totes. 

I can’t believe he wanted to give away this awesome “Buch Lee” t-shirt in the first place… but his loss is my bag.TShirt Tote_2

This is so easy to make. If you’re crafting with kids you get to talk about the environment and how to perfect your roundhouse kick. Save the Earth, save yourself.

Kick-Ass T-Shirt Tote

What You’ll Need:

  • A t-shirt you’re done with, but not really.
  • Shears
  • Sewing machineTShirt Tote_3

What to Do:

  • Cut it into a tank top.
  • Turn it inside out and sew the bottom closed.
  • Go forth and gather with your kick-ass tote! Hiiii-ya!

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