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Inside Out Family Costumes

Who loves Sadness? Me!

We really didn’t have to think too hard over who was our favorite Inside Out character… Smalls is disgusted by most greens, Bigs is a smart girl who loves Joy, I’m obsessed with turtlenecks and often dwell in the sadness of my youth… and although Jonathan isn’t the embodiment of Anger at all, it was funny for us to see him red-faced and spiky-haired.inside out, family costume, hollowed Our plan was to turn this into a holiday card that read, “No Fear in 2016. The card never happened but the ‘no fear’ part did, so I guess that’s all that matters.  

An essential part of this costume is the face paint. Everything else we either had or easily found. Got the Joy dress from Goodwill and the Disgust dress was on sale at JCrew.  We used 3-dimentional fabric paint to make the designs. We wrapped a styrofoam ball in aluminum foil for a core memory and we were off to party to make MORE memories…

Lemme know if you and your family decide to go as the characters from Inside Out! I also share some other Family costume ideas in these posts:

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Happy Halloween, Boos!


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