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How to Survive Science Fair

How to survive science fair? Answer: Tap into available resources. (Read: Siblings make great subjects.)Science Fair Cookie

Also,  find a way to incorporate cookies. 

Sunday afternoon, Bigs tells me she wants to submit a science project for the science fair which is happening… Monday morning. If this sort of last minute epiphany happens to your kid, you know— options are limited. It might be too late to go to the store. You definitely don’t have time to do anything that gets moldy or hatches or turns into a crystal palace. And for crying out loud, it’s Sunday! who really wants to be working on a science project when it’s a beautiful day outside?

It can also be difficult to work on projects with an older child when a younger child really, really, really wants to get involved.ScienceFair2_Vivicape

Thus, “What Makes My Sister Run Fastest?” was born. An outdoor, family, science affair.ScienceFair3





They make each other the subject of their experiments on the daily anyway. Why not do it for the sake of science?


Oh, and that cookie?

It was Eat Pastry’s peanut butter chocolate chip. Apparently jam-packed with high-performance nutrients. Who knew?

Run, run, go get you some!

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