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Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

A while ago the incredibly talented Luvvie Ajayi wrote a post about Black History Month announcing that it shouldn’t be celebrated just ONE month of the year, but all year long. The words she pairs with the months are beautiful and empowering: Mahogany May… Onyx October… Sable September…

I wanted to make a similar calendar for Asians, but became stumped about how to name the months to suit us. Asians (like black people) span the color spectrum from light to dark. Would I use the word yellow to describe the color of our skin? No. Yellow is often used to describe people in a derogative way. Besides, try looking up synonyms for yellow. Mustard? Flax? Jaundiced?

There is nothing empowering about jaundice.  

So I just went with positive words that remind me of Asian things, and tried to keep it broad. If you look at the list and want to customize it further, DO! Make it your own. It’s all about celebrating your heritage- year-round. My friend Anne suggested Namaste November. Yes! I love that. All I know is this month- like every May- will fly by and there’s so much to learn about the fascinating people and events and mouth-watering food that make up our cultures. Let’s party all. year. long. #AsianPride

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Happy AAPI Heritage Month, Everyone. Or rather, Matriarch May!

Fun fact! China’s Mosuo matriarchy is one of the last in the world. Here’s a video about it.


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